Ciao guys, it's Ludovica here, but everyone calls me Lu. Some of you might know me as the co-founder of Six Zero Pickleball, from which I recently decided to take my own path called “Standout Pickleball”. Hailing from Milan, Italy, I ventured into the world of professional tennis, competing across 16 countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Ludovica Sciaky

However, a car accident halted my tennis career, leading me to Australia, where I transitioned into coaching tennis. Soon, coaching evolved into my own business.

I've always been incredibly passionate about sports and business. In fact, during my free time, you can find me attending networking events, reading business books, or listening to podcasts. And of course, I love to engage in any type of sport whenever I get the chance.

While here, I pursued studies in business entrepreneurship and innovation, earning my degree. It was during this time that I discovered pickleball, a sport I've been playing passionately for the past 2.5 years. Currently, I hold the title of a top female player in both Australia and Italy.

Ludovica Sciaky

In 2023, success found its way to me with the launch of Six Zero. I won the Italian Championship, dominated the Major Pickleball League season, and was a multiple gold medallist at the state titles. Moreover, I was honored with the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title in the Pro Australia League and awarded the Best Coach in Australia accolade.

My life is complicated—I have such a busy lifestyle. I'm either on a pickleball court or behind a computer doing tech research. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, I have assembled a team of local aerospace engineers, product development experts, and advanced composites manufacturing professionals on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Australia.

If you want to know more about me and my journey, feel free to follow me on my socials and/or leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you soon. 🙂


Ludovica Sciaky