Major Results:

Pacific Pickleball Pro Gold Coast, women's doubles - Gold
Queensland State Championship, women's doubles - Gold


How did you get started playing Pickleball, what did you play before (if anything), and what inspired you to pursue it as a competitive sport?

I started playing at the beginning of this year. I played tennis competitively growing up. It is lots of fun and fast-paced so it keeps the game interesting.

Aside from Pickleball, do you have any hidden talents or hobbies that might surprise your fans?

I used to sew if that counts. Otherwise, I like yoga as a hobby.

If you were to design your dream Pickleball court, what unique features would it have, and where would it be located?

Located by the beach so I can jump in the ocean and drink margaritas in between points.

Music and sports often go hand in hand. What's your go-to pump-up song or playlist before a big match?

Love listening to country music. So, anything country is my go-to.

Let's switch gears a bit – if you were to star in a Pickleball-themed movie, what would the storyline be, and which actor or actress would you want as your co-star?

I would want my boyfriend as my co-star and the storyline would be maybe a comedy about a group of friends discovering pickleball and this brings them all together again and turns into a series of events.

If you had to describe Pickleball to someone who never knew the game using only 5 words, what would they be?

Fun fast-paced mini tennis.