The Superiority of Narrow - Celled Polypropylene Core

As players relentlessly pursue improvements in their pickleball game, the selection of the right equipment becomes paramount. At Standout, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of innovation, and our paddles, featuring USA-engineered narrow-celled cores, embody the pinnacle of technological advancement. Let's highlight the unmatched advantages of utilizing this core, shedding light on their superiority over other alternatives.


  1. Consistency and Predictable Performance: Our core exhibits a uniform structure that translates into predictability on the court. Unlike larger cells, our paddles ensure consistent shot performance, empowering players with a reliable tool for every play.

  2. Enhanced Power and Control: This unique composition allows for significant power generation, enabling forceful drives and smashes, while maintaining the finesse required for delicate shots like dinks and volleys.

  3. Unrivalled Durability: Expect consistent paddle performance throughout its lifespan, ensuring reliability and dependability for every game. Our unique 8mm USA-engineered core guarantees ultimate durability while maximizing the sweet spot for power, control, and longevity.

  4. Vibration Dampening for Comfortable Play: Vibrations can be distracting and impact shot accuracy. This core has exceptional vibration dampening properties, providing a more comfortable and focused playing experience. Enjoy reduced vibrations transmitted through the paddle, minimizing the risk of discomfort during prolonged play.

  5. Precision Shot Placement: Gain unparalleled precision in shot placement. The consistent and controlled response of these cores ensures that your shots land precisely where intended, increasing your chances of securing crucial points in every match.


We are committed to providing a superior paddle experience; our ground-breaking paddles are designed for the advanced, high-level competitive athlete. Our paddles offer a balanced combination of power, control, consistency, and durability, elevating your game to new heights.

Invest in a paddle that not only improves your game but gives you the competitive edge needed to triumph in the growing world of pickleball.