Pickleball, a game where every inch and ounce matter, emphasizes the importance of weight distribution in your paddle. If you find your paddle too light or lacking balance, our tungsten weighted tape provides a straightforward solution. Standout Tungsten Tape comes in a 30 inch roll and each inch equates to 1 gram.

Tungsten Tape - au Pickleball Accessories

Adding weighted tape to your paddle offers a range of benefits, including a personalized touch, improved swing weight, an expanded sweet spot, increased power, enhanced stability, reduced mishits, and improved hand speed. These advantages lead to better shots, faster drives, and an overall enhanced gameplay experience.

Professional players like Ludovica Sciaky and Somer Dalla-Bona often apply weighted tape to the rim of their paddles to boost power and achieve a customized feel. The placement of the tape on your paddle determines the specific benefits you'll experience. Whether placed on the top for added power, on the sides for stability and an extended sweet spot, or near the handle for increased power without compromising hand speed – the choice is yours.

Rest assured, adding weighted tape is permissible according to USAPA rules, allowing players to customize their equipment. Edge tape is another viable option, with specific dimensions outlined in the rules for a touch of personalization.

Experimenting with tungsten weighted tape enables you to fine-tune your pickleball paddle's balance. Start with a 1 gram strips and use electrical tape to move it around until you find your sweet spot.