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Crafted with a formidable blend of DuPont™ Kevlar®, Toray T700 Carbon Fiber, and Graphene, this paddle offers unparalleled control and dynamic spin. Engineered with a responsive narrow-cell core and optimized weight distribution, the KC1 ensures maximum power and vibration dampening, resulting in smooth and controlled shots.

Experience the perfect fusion of advanced materials, aerodynamic design, and impeccable balance all wrapped in a sleek and edgeless package.

    • Core: 16 mm reactive narrow-cell honeycomb polypropylene
    • Surface: multi-layer T-700 Japanese Toray carbon with nano-level technology
    • Body: pressure-thermoformed foam-infused unibody
    • Grip: leather performance grip
    • Dimensions: 42 cm H x 19 cm W (16.5” H x 7.5” W)
    • Weight:  226.8 - 232.5 grams (8.0 - 8.2 oz)
    • Grip Length: 14 cm (5.5 in)
    • Grip Circumference: 11 cm (4.25 in)
    • Thickness: 16 mm 
    • Advanced Production: Crafted with cutting-edge multi-stage cold and hot mold technology for superior quality and performance.
    • Aerodynamic Design: The subtly flared design enhances reach and aerodynamics, expanding the sweet spot in the core hitting zone.
    • 700K Carbon Surface: Experience exceptional spin, grip, and ball feel with the Premium Japanese Toray nano-engineered 700K carbon textured surface.
    • Carbon Fusion Edge Technology: Enhanced robustness, durability, and responsiveness for a crisper feel and an expanded sweet spot.
    • Premium Core: Our unique USA-engineered, narrow-cell core ensures an optimal power-to-control ratio for lasting on-court performance.
    • 3D Carbon Forged Handle: Maximises strength, reduces vibration, and offers a comfortable, responsive feel for improved performance.
    • Perfect Balance: Meticulously engineered for perfect weight balance, prioritising player comfort and control.
    • Included with Each CF3 Paddle: Neoprene cover and unique serial number.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Cole Russel
    Pro Paddle Amazing Price

    This paddle is so unbelievably consistent, what I mean when I say that is the enormous sweet spot (almost the entire face), but also the ball response no matter where you hit it and no matter how hard or soft. The ball will always react the same. Power when you need it, aswell as control out the wazoo!! This is my daily driver and I’ve tried hundreds of paddles!

    mark f
    It Checks All the Boxes!

    Received the KC1 yesterday in lighting fast time with great communication so kudos to the Standout team! Background: I am a solid intermediate Senior (some days I can play advanced and sometimes it looks like I never picked up a paddle before) who relies more on control and spin than power although I enjoy some power from the baseline. As soon as I picked up the KC1 and put it in my hand "it felt right". Loved the way the handle and the grip felt - tacky but not overly so and a great fit in my hand. Initial swings back and forth felt quick. Luckily I had the chance to put in 2 hours of open play. During the first 5 minutes it all came together quickly. It was soft when I needed it to be and firm when I needed it to be. Sounds contradictory but I don't know how else to put it. The speed at the kitchen was there and volleys felt solid albeit not super powerful. With a little flick of the rest I was able to generate decent pace but more importantly placement was almost 100%! Without asking, people were complimenting me on "spin". Took me a bit of time to dial in the serve but it was easy to hit deep with spin. Still working out the power but overall my first impression is that this is a great find and I would recommend it. I would love to pick up a CF3 one day and compare them side by side but until then if you got far enough to read this, give it a shot!

    Alessandra Giacomelli
    Everything as expected

    The delivery was on time. No problem with the order procedure. I'm happy with my new padel. :)

    William Gross
    Joola gen3 replacement

    Just got the KC1 as my Joola replacement and really, really like it. While it doesn’t match for power(who does) it it better for control aim dwell time and hand speed. The twist rate is a lot better too. Overall, a really great quality paddle the surpasses the Ruby that I was considering

    Steve Breeden
    Move over Ruby

    I really like this paddle. The reduced honeycomb size definitely gives this paddle a solid, controlled feel. I like the innovative use of materials and the pinstriped kevlar and carbon face definitely provides exceptional spin. The Kevlar helps even out the hard and soft shot differences, allowing you to keep good control on the big shots and also maintain good touch on the dink game. The paddle itself is a great look with the striped dark face and white edging. I also like that it’s an edgeless paddle. Overall, it’s a great offering that I think plays similar to, but better than the 6.0 Ruby.