The name Standout Pickleball was born from the idea of
standing out, both on and off the court. As someone passionate about the sport and committed to pushing its boundaries, I wanted a name that reflected our mission to redefine the pickleball experience. Whether it's through innovative paddle designs, player performance, or our dedication to
advancing the sport, Standout Pickleball embodies our vision to make a lasting impact within the pickleball community.

At Standout, we are firm believers in pushing the boundaries. As a team of visionaries, we recognize the immense potential for technological advancements in the sport of pickleball. Our paddles stand as the culmination of extensive research aimed at enhancing the player's experience. We have tested over 100 paddle prototypes, ensuring that each product in our upcoming range offers a distinctive fusion of performance and comfort.

From beginners tentatively taking their first swing to seasoned tournament players seeking that competitive edge, we are confident that our paddles will redefine your pickleball experience. Together, we are pioneering new standards with cutting-edge design, revolutionary materials science, and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Our Founder